A quick progress update…

It has been about four weeks since I enrolled on the Art of Photography course and I wanted to say a few things about my progress. I plan on doing this on a monthly basis, just to review what is going well and what is not.

Before I enrolled, I thought that I would immediately make a start on the practical aspects of the course and put the reading and research on hold for as long as possible. However, quite the opposite has been the case.

After reading through the course materials, I felt that my work would benefit from some time spent focusing on the elements that are new (and scary!) to me. That is the academic stuff. And so, I have been reading (both from the reading list and material of my own choosing) plus taking notes. I now have a growing collection of bookmarked websites, blogs and other online bits and pieces. Also have a few trips to galleries and exhibitions planned for later in the summer. This all feels positive and I am pleased with my progress in this respect, as I was quite anxious that I would procrastinate and not pick up a book until the end of the course.

On to the negatives…

My aim when starting the course was (and still is) to study for around twenty hours per week. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, this has so far been more like ten. There has been quite a lot of upheaval lately, which should calm down over the coming weeks, whereby I can increase my hours. To name a few culprits: my boyfriend has been finishing moving in with me. I have had numerous appointments to attend. My wheelchair has had a mind of its own this week due to a collapsed bearing, resulting in difficulty with getting around until repaired. And I have had to rest a lot due to a minor yet painful injury that occurred last week.

The practical exercises have been neglected as a result of all this. My tutor suggested a deadline for assignment 1 for the end of June, which will most likely need an extension of a week or two now. As soon as my chair is repaired, I can start tackling the exercises (waiting on parts, but hopefully at the beginning of next week). I have written notes on what I plan to do, where and how, so it is now just a case of actually getting it done. I thought I was prepared for assignment one also, but keep changing my mind. Tempted to do something indoors, so that rain won’t cause any further delay.

Oh, finally, I have two learning log entries to make soon. Hopefully I can decipher my notes! One will focus on thoughts that I have had inspired by reading, the other will be an artist study on Brooke Shaden.

That is about all there is to report on my progress (and lack thereof!)




2 thoughts on “A quick progress update…

  1. Dave Whenham

    Hi Lauren, sounds like you are making great progress.

    Don’t fret too much about not having achieved your aim of twenty hours a week, most of us manage much less and you will also find that some weeks are more productive than others. The beauty of studying with the OCA is that within reason they will arrange deadlines around your circumstances.

    What is important is that you seem very organised and very focused so you can be confident that as opportunities arise you will know what work you need to start/finish and be able to maximise the time.

    I shall enjoy watching your progress.

    All the best

  2. libramoonphotography Post author

    Thanks for the comment Dave.

    I guess that I was slightly disappointed to run into time issues at the beginning! My aim is to complete the degree in under 5 years. But as you say, some weeks will be more productive than others, so am not too worried.

    Your comment inspired me to actually locate the page where I can view the blogs that I follow. This blogging business is new to me, but found it now! 🙂


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