This blog has been created to document my learning through the OCA’s Art of Photography course.

My name is Lauren and I reside in Chelmsford, Essex. I have been contemplating starting a photography degree for a couple of years, and finally took the first step by enrolling on the Art of Photography course. Aside from gaining a qualification, my hopes for the course are to fill in knowledge-gaps due to being self-taught, as well as helping me to find confidence and some direction.

I use a Canon 60d with a 17-55mm zoom lens. I do possess a few other lenses but due to being a wheelchair user, find that the zoom lens suits me best. The less items to carry the better! Things that I enjoy photographing include:

  • Anything to do with alternative fashion and lifestyle.
  • Body art and the use of one’s face and body as a canvas; either permanent modifications/tattoos or body/face paint.
  • Circus. Performance. Dance. Music.
  • Nature.
  • Things that are unusual in some way.
  • People. Faces. Features.
  • Self-portrait.

Combining photography with digital art is something that interests me also, although am yet to personally explore this. Currently my photoshop skills are very basic and I edit most of my images in lightroom (I shoot in Raw format, always).

Am excited to be a student again and partake in the online community. See you there!



1 thought on “About

  1. Dave Whenham

    Hi Lauren, just had a quick look at your Flickr photostream. Some fabulous work there, very different from my style and subjects but I really enjoyed seeing them. Good luck with the course, I shall follow with interest. Kind Regards. Dave


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